Facts4Paris: In the landscape of global emission shares everything is changing except for the G20.

G20 Emission Shares

Greenhouse gas emission shares of global emission in each year are less and less dominated by the so-called industrialised countries.

By 2014, G7 countries collectively accounted for a quarter of global emissions (see our earlier Facts4Paris), but in the old days, this was much higher. Back in 1900-1920, the G7 accounted for 70% of global emissions.

The share of current emissions from the non-Annex I countries (broadly speaking: the developing countries) is rising. Since about 1992, the share of the non-Annex I emissions has represented more than 50% of the global total, although, of course, per-capita emissions are still lower on average across non-Annex I versus Annex I countries.

Emissions from the G20 account for 76% of global total emissions, and have done so since the 1960s. This is the one constant.

Looking at the graph above and comparing 1900 to 2010, almost all groupings have changed position....except for the G20!

For leaders gathering this week at the G20 summit in Turkey this might be a signal that they should be looking to solve the climate issue. No finger-pointing needed... all governments coming together in Antalya can do their share.