Croatia announced its contributions to the global climate change mitigation effort on 06 Mar. 2015. The original INDC is available at the UNFCCC website . The INDCs key characteristics are:
  • Change of per-capita emissions from 2010 to 2030 (average): -1%
  • Per-capita emssions in 2030 (average): 6.8 tCO2/eq
  • Global rank of national emissions excl. landuse (out of 195 countries): #101 in 2010 and #118in 2030.
Croatia ratified the Paris Agreement on 05 Oct. 2016, turning the intended nationally determined contribution (INDC) into its nationally determined contribution (NDC), available here UNFCCC website .

See our full evaluation in the Factsheet.

In addition to the above default Factsheets, we produced Factsheets with alternative data sources and metrics to compare the different greenhouse gases. They are:

Summary of all NDC & INDC Factsheets and methodologies

Disclaimer & Comments
Due to the size and quality of the underlying data-sets (and in some cases the "fuzziness" of the NDC or INDCs) we have not been able to produce "perfect" Factsheets every time. Please leave a comment if you find a glaring mistake or if you want to share an opinion about the NDC or INDC. Please be respectful. -

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