• A comment on Australia's stance in the world on ABC News 24, 29 Nov 2018

    Watch the interview on Australia's stance in a world that struggles to meet its Paris Agreement commitments, let alone 1.5C or 2C. A number of opportunities are missed at the moment within the policy vacuum in Australia.

  • Our recent study on Paris Agreement featured in global media

    Our recent study in Nature Communications by our PhD researcher Yann Rubiou du Pont and College Director Malte Meinshausen was recently featured in media around the world.

  • Power system stability with Kate Summers

    The stability of the electricity network are front and centre of the political debate in Australia. Watch our seminar on power system control with Engineer Kate Summers from Pacific Hydro. In a fascinating seminar, held in the College on 15th August 2018, she explains why the big gas and coal (synchronous) generators often get it wrong these days to stabilise frequency across the National...

  • Energy Transition Hub website now live

    Our new initiatve: Energy Transition Hub We prepared a lot. We designed a lot. And we wrote a lot of proposals. Finally, the Energy Transition Hub is ready to see the light of the world. We are happy to announce that the Energy Transition Hub web presence . Watch that space as we integrate a rich set of resources to that site, such as our new initiatives

  • Australian on Short lived gas shortfall
    New AEMO gas projections out: Our report passes the test of time.

    Passing the test of time... Just in case you missed it. AEMO put out their new gas demand and supply projections, called " 2018 Gas Statement of opportunities ", also reported in today's Australian. Remember the times that our last year's report " A short lived gas shortfall " by Tim Forcey and Dylan McConnell created a bit of a stir? Well, feels good to largely pass the test of time as our last...

  • Recent Australian droughts may be the worst in 800 years

    From: featuring our PhD researcher Mandy Freund and colleague Benjamin Henley Australia is a continent defined by extremes, and recent decades have seen some extraordinary climate events. But droughts, floods, heatwaves, and fires have battered Australia for millennia. Are recent extreme events really worse...

  • Open NEM - Australian Electricity Market data live

    With multiple tools, we intend to support the national energy debate with facts. Follow the supply and demand in the Australian Electricity Market with - which is a growing platform to promote open data to a wide range of stakeholders. An early product of our Energy Transition Hub, with support from the Energy Consumers Australia. A project by our Dylan McConnell, Simon Holmes à...

  • Land-based negative emissions: risks for climate mitigation and impacts on sustainable development

    Authors : Kate Dooley and Sivan Kartha Abstract : This paper focuses on the risks associated with ‘‘negative emissions’’ technologies (NETs) for drawing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and storing it in land-based sinks or underground. Modelled mitigation pathways for 1.5 °C assume NETs that range as high as 1000 Gt CO2. We argue that this is two to three times greater...

  • An input-output based net-energy assessment of an electricity supply industry

    Author : Graham Palmer Abstract : Electricity systems process and upgrade crude feedstock energy from the natural environment using high quality energy inputs, including diesel and electricity. The ratio of electricity output to the energy inputs is termed the energy-return-on-investment (EROI) and may be an important metric linking energy consumption and standard of living. Environmentally...

  • Geoengineering governance-by-default: an earth system governance perspective

    Authors: Anita Talberg , Peter Christoff, Sebastian Thomas, and David Karoly Abstract: Geoengineering—the deliberate interference in the climate system to affect global warming—could have significant global environmental and social implications. How to shape formal geoengineering governance mechanisms is an issue of debate. This paper describes and analyses the geoengineering governance landscape...

  • Our new study: 1.3m sea level rise in 2100 - unless coal phase out

    The study by our own Alexander Nauels on sea level rise projections, featured in the Guardian. see here: see also Washington Post article here:

  • Dr. Joerg Lingens on the (hard) German coal phase out

    Our Seminar recording from 24 August 2017 Note: Audio quality increases after first minutes. Slides are available here:

  • Synthesizing long-term sea level rise projections - the MAGICC sea level model

    Authors : Alexander Nauels , Malte Meinshausen , Matthias Mengel , Katja Lorbacher, and Tom M. L. Wigley Citation : Nauels, A., Meinshausen, M., Mengel, M., Lorbacher, K., and Wigley, T. M. L.: Synthesizing long-term sea level rise projections – the MAGICC sea level model v2.0, Geoscientific Model Development Discussions , 10, 2495-2524,, 2017. Abstract :...

  • A modified impulse-response representation of the global near-surface air temperature and atmospheric concentration response to carbon dioxide emissions

    Authors : Richard J. Millar, Zebedee R. Nicholls , Pierre Friedlingstein, and Myles R. Allen Citation : Millar, R. J., Nicholls, Z. R., Friedlingstein, P., and Allen, M. R. 2017. A modified impulse-response representation of the global near-surface air temperature and atmospheric concentration response to carbon dioxide emissions, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17, 7213-7228,

  • Historical greenhouse gas concentrations for climate modelling (CMIP6)

    Authors : Malte Meinshausen , Elisabeth Vogel , Alexander Nauels , and others. Abstract : Atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations are at unprecedented, record-high levels compared to the last 800 000 years. Those elevated GHG concentrations warm the planet and – partially offset by net cooling effects by aerosols – are largely responsible for the observed warming over the past 150 years...

  • The risk of migratory methane emissions resulting from the development of Queensland coal seam gas

    Authors : Dimitri Lafleur and Mike Sandiford Summary : In sedimentary basins migration of methane and other fluids occurs naturally in response to multiple factors. Natural methane surface seeps are well known in many gas provinces. The pathways for such seeps can be enhanced and new pathways created through subsurface resource developments, leading to so-called induced migratory emissions...

  • A Framework for Incorporating EROI into Electrical Storage

    Author : Graham Palmer Citation : Palmer, G. 2017. Biophysical Economics and Resource Quality 2(6) doi:10.1007/s41247-017-0022-3 Abstract : The contribution from variable renewable energy (VRE) to electricity generation is projected to increase. At low penetration, intermittency can usually be accommodated at low cost. High-penetration VRE will displace conventional generation, and require...

  • Greenhouse Gas Factsheets

    As part of the most comprehensive synthesis data product of atmospheric GHG measurements, we here present fact sheets for 43 greenhouse gases. Please see Meinshausen et al., Geoscientific Model Development, 2017 and its supplements for more details. GHGfactsheet.png The lifetimes and radiative efficiencies are taken from IPCC WG1 Fifth Assessment Report, Appendix 8.A. We thank Urs Beyerle at IAC...

  • Submission to 2017 Review of Australia's climate change policies

    Lead Author: Annabelle Workman 1,2,3 1 Australian-German Climate and Energy College 2 EU Centre on shared complex challenges 3 School of Earth Sciences Download full report and list of authors here . Recommendations To protect Australia’s national interests, it is recommended that the Australian Government: establish an achievable, equitable and economically responsible 2030 greenhouse gas...

  • Energetic Implications of a Post-industrial Information Economy: The Case Study of Australia

    Author : Graham Palmer Citation :Palmer, G. 2017. Energetic Implications of a Post-industrial Information Economy: The Case Study of Australia. BioPhysical Economics and Resource Quality ;2(2): 5. The article is available here Abstract : The potential for decoupling of energy and resources from economic growth should enable economic development while improving environmental sustainability...


Web tools and Projects we developed

  • Open-NEM

    The live tracker of the Australian electricity market.

  • Paris Equity Check

    This website is based on a Nature Climate Change study that compares Nationally Determined Contributions with equitable national emissions trajectories in line with the five categories of equity outlined by the IPCC.

  • liveMAGICC Climate Model

    Run one of the most popular reduced-complexity climate carbon cycle models online. Used by IPCC, UNEP GAP reports and numerous scientific publications.

  • NDC & INDC Factsheets

    Check out our analysis of all the post-2020 targets that countries announced under the Paris Agreement.