New business models for scaling up distributed energy resources (DERs)

Empirical analyses of how DERs can be scaled up across different socio-economic, geographical, or sector-based business model approaches. Especially interested in business model testing as related to distributed smart solar+storage and/or microgrid business models and/or those that can be applied in different geographical contexts (especially India, remote Australia).

Adam’s work focuses on the business, policy, and communication pathways to a low carbon future. He works on how clean energy entrepreneurship can be scaled up, how firms respond to a clean energy future, and how new technologies are enabled by new business models.

He is currently an ARC DECRA fellow on clean energy entrepreneurship, examining clean energy innovation and acceleration in Australia, the US, Europe, and internationally. Adam has a Doctorate in Geography and the Environment from the University of Oxford, a Masters in Globalisation from the University of London, and started his studies in Ecology and evolutionary biology.