Open NEM - Australian Electricity Market data live

With multiple tools, we intend to support the national energy debate with facts.

Follow the supply and demand in the Australian Electricity Market with - which is a growing platform to promote open data to a wide range of stakeholders. An early product of our Energy Transition Hub, with support from the Energy Consumers Australia. A project by our Dylan McConnell, Simon Holmes à Court and Steven Tan.

Dylan is a Chemical Engineer, with experience as an energy analyst. He has a detailed understanding of the cost structure of energy technologies and the electricity market. He was an author of the Melbourne Energy Institutes Renewable Energy Technology Cost Review, commissioned by the Garnaut Review, an investigation of renewable technology costs and projections. He has also developed detailed energy market models for analyzing the National Electricity Market electricity dispatch and price-setting system, in the context of understanding the effect of distributed solar photovoltaic systems and other technologies affecting wholesale electricity demand.