Our people


We are a young initiative, so there are no alumnis as of to date. However, one central motivation for this college is to create the network of young brilliant people that work on these intricate challenges of climate and energy system transitions. Therefore, networking and social activities will be important for the college, its current and former members. The Alumni network can then accompany you through the next steps of your life, wether it be in academia, the public sector, private companies or just as a social enrichment to keep in touch with your friends and former colleagues.

Alexander Maier

Alex grew up in Germany, but spent some of his adolescence in Canada.  He enrolled at the European Business School (EBS) in Germany for his undergraduate studies and pursued an exchange semester in Mexico.  After completing his thesis examining the feasibility of alternative fuels, he went on to complete a Master in International Business in Melbourne.  His PhD research centres on the transition to Renewable Energy Systems and optimizing hybrid systems through a holistic approach.

Rachelle graduated with a bachelor's in wildlife biology from the University of Montana and an M.S. from the University of Melbourne. She worked for the United States Forest Service for the following 8 years, writing syntheses addressing fire ecology of plant and animal species. While there she devoted increasingly more time to local sustainability efforts and sustainability research, including investigating barriers to implementation of energy efficiency measures in the Forest Service.