Our Seminars

Public Events

The College coordinates public lectures, such as our IPCC WG3 outreach event. These events aim to provide insights regarding key national and international science and policy issues and encourage discussion between the general public and subject experts.

Climate Conversations Lecture Series

The Climate Conversation Lecture Series are jointly organised by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. Once a month, eminent speakers are invited to share their insights on climate policy, climate change science, and decarbonisation pathways in a seminar style setting, open to the academic community on campus and the public.

Science & Pretzels Seminars

Our small and intensive in-house format of seminars is called "Science & Pretzels". Those seminars provide a small atmosphere, where the discussion time between students and the lecturer is maximised. We generally do not advertise those events, as we try to keep them small, but other supervisors and interested folks are invited. The discussion time is primarily reserved for College PhD students, though.

Please see our events calendar of upcoming and past events.