Radio interview: Greg Hunt is focussing on 1.9% of Australian emissions

The College is featured in an interview with The Wire.


Greg Hunt is focusing on 1.9% of total emissions

Monday, 9 November 2015

Produced by Francine Crimmins

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The United Nations Climate Summit in Paris is less than 20 days away. So, how is Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt preparing to fulfill his promise of cutting Australia's emissions by up to 28%? Over the weekend he announced his commitment to cutting down hydrofluorocarbons. But controversially, this is only dealing with 1.9% of Australia's emission problems. Image from United Nations Photo on Flickr titled 'Only one earth -The Environment'

Featured in story

  • Malte Meinshausen, Associate Professor at University of Melbourne
  • Professor John Quiggin, University of Queensland Related