Victorian emissions reduction targets: Can we achieve a 1.5°C trajectory?

Victorian emissions reduction targets: Can we achieve a 1.5°C trajectory?

Wednesday, 10 June 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Under the Victorian Climate Change Act (2017) the Victorian government must determine emissions reduction targets for 2025 and 2030. An independent Expert Panel was appointed to advise the Victorian Government on the first two interim targets for 2021-2025 and 2026-2030 and the opportunities to reduce emissions across the Victorian economy.

This seminar will preview results for a forthcoming report from researchers at the Climate and Energy College on the emissions abatement opportunities and potential in Victoria. This new analysis includes modeling of emissions reductions that are consistent with a 1.5°C trajectory on a sectoral level. This analysis also includes an estimate of the job opportunities, costs and economic benefits to Victoria.

The Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change is scheduled to provide an introduction to the event.

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Australian-German Climate and Energy College

Dylan is a Chemical Engineer, with experience as an energy analyst. He has a detailed understanding of the cost structure of energy technologies and the electricity market. He was an author of the Melbourne Energy Institute's Renewable Energy Technology Cost Review, commissioned by the Garnaut Review, an investigation of renewable technology costs and projections. He has also developed detailed energy market models for analyzing the National Electricity Market electricity dispatch and price-setting system, in the context of understanding the effect of distributed solar photovoltaic systems and other technologies affecting wholesale electricity demand.

Australian-German Climate and Energy College

Rachelle Meyer's research interest include adaptation and mitigation in the land sector. For her PhD thesis, she used a whole-farm system modelling approach to quantify the agro-ecosystem benefits and mitigation implications of soil carbon in grazing systems of western Victoria. This included calculating net greenhouse gas balances and investigating the impact of climate change on the potential of soil carbon as a mitigation option. 

Australian Labor Party

The Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio is the Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, the Victorian Minister for Solar Homes and the State Member for Mill Park.

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